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Dec 15, 2012 12:00am PST
between that being on-site and off-site? >> i think my understanding that this policy is a consistent policy that we have had. unfortunately i can't speak to the distinction between those ami levels. how to i believe it's not a new policy. it's consistent with what we have seen previously. >> it's significant for me and any time we approve these projects for sale that was at the tri-county and i understand your adjustment. the other problem is the downward adjustment raises the subsidy, because as you know, when you do an ami unit, it costs more at the lower income level because the price you charge has to become compensatorily lower and therefore, the subsidy from the rest of the project to make that is higher. so what you are doing is making it more difficult for middle-income people to buy market-rate units by making them more expensive. although i know your program doesn't influence the cost of housing in the whole city. but the worst part of it is t probably doesn't address that income group from the 90 to the 120, or 130th percentile. so those are some arguments i would make
Dec 13, 2012 4:30pm PST
manual update doesn't contemplate a change to that. >> i wasn't familiar with the offsite ami was encouraged. there is some reason if the ami is lower off-site, that is some rationale to have them offsite? >> i can come back and report on that. i think it's a very fair question. certainly on the face of it it means to get deeper affordable, . >> i'm sorry, deputy city attorney susan cleveland knowles, just to correct one thing mr. adams just said, the current code does not provides that if you are doing a tax-exempt project you are not subject to the inclusionary housing program at all. the ordinance that you will hear in your next item puts the tax exemption projects back within the rubric and provides an exemption to what mr. adams stated. gemly you are not allowed to use subsidized units for your inclusionary units unless you are a california debt limit allocation project using 4% credits. so that will be in your next all right, but it's also reflected in this new procedures manual. so it's a small technicality, but for some projects, you will be able to have a slight s
Dec 16, 2012 9:30am PST
-site and 20% offsite? >> i'm afraid i can't comment on that. i am not familiar with inclusionary programs in other jurisdictions. >> that is a problem for me, because when i am asked to vote on this, i have to know what other places are doing and i think you are doing a good job, but i don't think i can support it at that point, because i really don't have all the information. if it comes up in the future, i would like to hear about it. >> i also want to thank you on your presentation and wanted to ask mr. chue, the data that you gave us today kind of illuminated the need for more education or focused on credit scores, as you said. what do you think, and you mentioned working with the groups that are in community such as metta. what do you think is a timeline for working through that process? it may be preliminary to ask, but what are some ideas? would it be new programs that would come out of it or a changed process or something like that? >> those are good points. in terms of being able to utilize prop c dollars as appropriate, we plan to begin working with stakeholders in january f
Dec 7, 2012 4:00am PST
be recommending that we go back to plan a. so, the first option that we are asking for your support for is the off-site kind of win/win scenario. what we believe is the next best . this is where we may differ a little bit from what you hear in public comment. what would be to bring the machines that north beach has proposed and leave them underground. so, the trade-off there is, as mr. funge said, that there's some cost to the future project , the to-be-planned funded design project, and that leaving those machines underground encapsulated in concrete would be an additional cost for a future project should it continue up columbus avenue. but that's on the cost side. on the benefit side, we would be relieving north beach of that 9 or 10 months of construction impact that they would be seeing now for a project that they won't at least directly benefit from for many years down the road. so, it is a trade-off. i think it's a reasonable trade-off to make, that the point that i think you'll hear from many speakers -- and we've heard from the supervisor, it's just not fair to subject us, this neighborhood to
Dec 1, 2012 4:00pm PST
to construction. they have been careful looking at materials now. they are creating the structures off-site so they can modularly put in the playground. steel infrastructures with a variety of composite materials that will be around them that have been tested for understanding, the toe pog fi of the zoo, the salt weather, corrosion issues. they have looked at all of these issues. they also looked at the maintenance issues, so we are looking at even the ground levels around them. asphalt, concrete, what will last over time, what is easier to maintain, what prevents things from cracking. that's been taken into consideration. and also particularly there's a tactile element in all the structures so that disabled children when they plan them will be able to feel the structures and have a tactile sense of what they are doing, as well as people visually needing to look at that. that has been looked at carefully. mayor's office and disability has gone through this. approved it as well. >> what will be the shelf life of the structures. >> we look at -- >>
Dec 3, 2012 11:30pm PST
kitchen and it's going to be our production kitchen both on-site, catering, as well as doing some off-site prep work for some other facility, one of the things we're focusing on is the cured meat aspect, it is the hazard analysis, critical control points plan to help reduce, hopefully eliminate food born illness, we're focusing on a lot of culinary aspects, i have my chef here with me as well as a couple of other advisers, we're looking to do culinary classes in the space as well as lectures, trying to teach people about the food movement that's been occurring and getting a little more momentum, we're hoping in addition to that, we've reached out to various organizations that have been interested in using the space for culinary space classes, is interested in doing cooking classes and different events there, we've reached out to some other organizations, the comedy aspect we like to keep alive there, the history of the space, i think it's important to keep that aspect going, so we're excited to be able to renovate it, bring it back to life and still provide comedy there, reach
Dec 15, 2012 12:30am PST
that they know about it. your principle -- the offsite has to have final completion of certificate before the principal is allowed. that makes a lot of sense. the affordable sros, i thought all sros were essentially affordable, but they are privately-owned and they could be at any price. i am not quite sure what you are doing with that one. >> it's really to establish a category of pricing for this unit type. where one did not previously exist. and so while we had pricing mechanisms for studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom as we see some privately developed market-rate sro-buildings, the studio pricing was not the appropriate pricing level to apply to this building typography. >> and below the size of the studio and you have to price those a little differently. >> that is exactly right. >> and you mentioned a higher income would be allowed under certain circumstances for people to qualify. and i'm not quite sure what the circumstances would be. that is one the changes. >> so what we have seen is that a couple different situations. one is our current pricing mechanism an
Dec 8, 2012 9:30am PST
kind of backstop plan. if we're unable to make something happen off-site. * the final thing i think you'll hear from folks is kind of our final backstop, which is if for some reason going to the pagoda site doesn't work and for some reason we can't make leaving it underground work, which i don't anticipate we would have trouble doing, but we don't have that fully designed and approved, that we keep the current approved project on the table as our ultimate default. and that is because, you know, we have an approved project. it's a fully funded project. we have an executed contract. we would be putting the agency, we believe, at significant risk if we didn't have that final backstop to fall back on. it's our hope that we wouldn't get there. i saw some correspondence suggesting that we come back to you before hitting that final stop. i'm certainly open to that. i think folks would -- a you would probably want to know, that we've made our best good faith due diligence effort before getting there. so, i just want to provide a little bit more context. i want to thank mr. funge and his team fo
Dec 14, 2012 8:00am PST
as they were scanning that offsite area, what were your thoughts? >> i think that law enforcement has to satisfy itself that there's no one else who may have been involved in this terrible situation. perhaps from the shooting aspect, but in a situation like this too, richard, sometimes there's this helter skelter, where potential verdicts, students, teachers will and rightfully so will exit the building an run, and law enforcement has to service themselves that no one else has fled from the building, either who may have been directly involved in the shooting or who may have been a potential victim that they could still be out there too. i'm hearing a report from one of the ambulances in the local area. that one of the victims was a parent who had been shot and was taken to a local hospital. but unfortunately, there appears to be other victims too. >> we're going to go for a quick break, clint, when you come back, as well as the monsignor, perhaps dr. culligan who is there on the ground, we're going to step back on the timeline here, we're about 2 hours and 15 minutes since this traged
Dec 23, 2012 8:00am PST
offsite at this live look at the bay bridge. look-out a side. >> good morning, janu has our forecast. >> good morning, marty. we have seen some areas of light rain of/moderate in the some areas however seeing some clear conditions. however, not the case along the peninsula and san francisco. three tents in the richmond area, pacifica, one-quarter of 1 in. per hour. towards the south bay the light rain indicated by the green. and los gatos a system expected. he bit heavier in places like walnut creek, danville and san ramon. the rainfall rates one-half inch per hour. there is a wind advisory for the north bay until 1:00 p.m. and the east bay valleys. that will be in effect. indicated by the blue. the stormtracker 4 you can see moderate downpour. and stormtracker 4 put it is going to press south. oakland, hayward, fremont moderate downpours but it will start to taper off. by noon, some breaks but still remaining consistent all along the east bay shore. the similar store will taper off with light showers and decreasing in the north bay. it will continue to press itself out of our area b
Dec 6, 2012 12:00am PST
off-site cons qebses. the gulf war syndrome that everyone has heard about may have been the result of the destruction of chemical weapon in iraq. , in the first gulf war, which, you know, even though it was a cloud of very, very dilute chemicals that may have had this impact on american forces. >> brown: that's the problem with a potential bombing. >> that's right. >> ifill: gloun then there's talk about a ground effort, and i saw the "new york times" recently quoted pentagon officials saying it would require more than 75,000 troops. now, that's because of how disperse this might be? >> it's a little of dispersal because you would have to go after many different sites, but also, depending on the circumstances, you might have to fight your way in. the hope would be that as some of these sites come within the territory controlled by the free syrian army, they will invite in outsiders to assist them in securing the sites that they'll number negotiations with the custodians and so forth and this can be done peacefully, in which case the number of troops would be limited but some of the
Dec 1, 2012 7:00am PST
. police have also said that another shooting offsite was linked to this shooting. we can't confirm independently who that shooting involved, but we are told by our affiliate that it may have been the player's girlfriend. the kansas city chiefs have released this statement in regard to the incident. we can confirm that there was an incident at arrowhead earlier this morning. we are cooperating with authorities in their investigation. so we will continue to follow this story. once again, confirmation that a kansas city chiefs player has died. >>> some women in the military are engaged in a different kind of fight. they are battling for the right to be treated like equals and that includes the right to fight alongside men in combat. >>> and if you're leaving the house right now, just a reminder, you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. you can also watch cnn live from your laptop. just go to copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function
Dec 29, 2012 4:20pm EST
about the number of duplicate copies of printed books that they had been able to confine to some off-site limbo or complete oblivion now, i know they are under pressure to free up space in their libraries in order to accommodate all sorts of new electronic equipment and activity but when they talked about those duplicate print copies, you would've thought that they were engaged in asbestos removal i turned 61 years old last month, and i have a lot of writer friends just about my age, and when i talk about these things with them, i find it kind of consensus that we don't much mind being in her 60s. we have enjoyed our careers and feel that enough of the old publishing model that we grew up with will survive for us to hold on a little wilder. and we probably wouldn't mind being in our 20s starting over, because that generation of writers, students of mine, will be in on the ground floor of whatever new model is being built now. it will quickly announce and feel unnatural to them. what we would've so much want to be is in her 40s and having fully to adapt to the system that we never anticipa
Dec 24, 2012 4:00am PST
in february and march of the year before, and then a lot of work actually happens off-site where you're prebuilding and assembling everything. >> i was surprised to hear that. it makes sense, i guess. >> we can't do everything in the white house. once the decorations are all put together, they are moved to the white house, and there's an enormous two-day install that goes on. >> the lo of furniture is moved. you're eating meals on the floor. >> you're sitting on cardboard boxes. it's like moving day at the white house. you kind of look around and chuckle because it's not the normal white house experience. >> what an experience. let's get to some of the photos in the book. i want to begin. you mentioned themes. let's look at this photo of president john f. kennedy and first lady jackie kennedy in front of the nutcracker theme. talk about why this photo is important. >> this is important because jackie was the first first lady who said, if we're having all these people for the holidays, let's have a theme. let's think about it. let's put some thought into it. ever since jackie kennedy'
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 50 (some duplicates have been removed)